GOURMET products are now on long lists. We are quite confident that no. of products we have introduced in Pakistan are matchless. Our R&D department keeps its-selves up dated with new recipes, new products for the ever changing customer needs.


Bon Vivant


Gourmet Foods launched Bon Vivant (Bo Vi-van). This is a premium quality product range.Initially variety includes Cakes (Death By Chocolate, Kit Kat Chocolate, Malt Chocolate, Swiss Hazelnut, Peach & Orange, Strawberry Cheese, Blueberry Cheese and more.Pastries Strawberry Delight, Blueberry Delight, Kit Kat Chocolate, Mississippi Mud and more.Muffins Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry Muffin and moreCookies Chocolate Chips Cookies, Oats & Raisin Cookies and morePies Apple Pie, Walnut Pie, Mississippi…



GOURMET first started its bakery where only products of breakfast were provided in the beginning.But GOURMET is presenting now more than four hundred varieties in bakery products.


After the success of bakery products in 1990 gourmet decided to fill Sweetness in your Life. GOURMET produced Mitha is with fresh and pure ingredients. GOURMET has its own huge plant for making fresh khoya for all varieties of mithai. That is why GOURMET’s unique and innovated taste in Mitha are always appreciated.

Pasteurized Milk

Milk is a complete nutrition for all ages keeping this nutrition for 4-5 days without using any chemical is a new idea, which GOURMET has introduced. GOURMET has introduced Pasteurized Milk that is processed under high temperature system to kill the germs and to keep its nutrition. GOURMET milk is supplied under Expiry Dates.Lahore as big as it is city catering fresh milk and other dairy products was a huge challenge, collecting fresh milk from 7 zones of Punjab was a big job.Gourmet made it possible to collect fresh milk everyday perfectly, with the help of big chillers.

Powder Milk

GOURMET is also providing Ulteamate tea whitener, Skimy Milk for dieters, Milky Way is full of cream and is energy milk.

Ice Cream

GOURMET Ice Cream ‘A summer’s sweet gift’ for its customers is available in 12 delicious flavors. . Instead of artificial flavors GOURMET use real pulp of fruits for its unique taste and freeze on international level of -28 degree


GOURMET has introduced plain milky as well as multi grained and high fiber breads in different flavors and textured looks. Which promotes healthy digestion, weight loss and also stabilizes cholesterol and sugar level in blood.


GOURMET jams are made from farm fresh fruits and imported ingredients. Our food experts test them, under the Quality Control Laboratories. That is why GOURMET has been certified by Pakistan’s Best Jam Producers.

Candies and Toffees

Keeping the health of kids in our mind, which is our priority. We are using quality ingredients in candies and toffees that include vitamins, glucose and calcium.


GOURMET has launched its exciting ketchup, made of fresh tomatoes with no chemicals and artificial color added.  It has unique flavor due to the added ingredients of Mace, Cinnamon and clove. (Jaloteri, Darchini and Long.)


GOURMET took the challenge of making Pakistan’s biggest in-house Beverages Industry and built under the supervision of International Team.The thirst-quenching drinks of GOURMET are available in Cola, Malta, Lemon up, Apple and Ice-cream Soda, in six different sizes from 300ml to 2.25 liter.


Keeping our uniqueness in flavors and habit of innovation, we introduce different traditional halwas with the quality you really love!

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