Chamke Ghar Ghar Mein

The core idea behind Gourmet’s philosophy is to provide quality food and unparalleled service matching an economic level. Gourmet made an unflinching point to not break the rule of affordability considering market inflation over the years.

The Breakfast Collection
The Breakfast Collection

Chaudhary Muhammad Nawaz’s ideal was a standpoint higher than any crisis. The firm belief that Allah Almighty is the Sustainer and Provider meant to him, to hone his sense of sincerity and integrity, to imbibe it in his venture’s code of conduct.

Ch. Muhammad Nawaz Chattha
Ch. Muhammad Nawaz Chattha

Keeping the values achieved in his own life as an example, current caretakers of Gourmet Industries are his sons who ensure to keep his vision unchanged over time.
For this very reason, Gourmet has continuously grown over time and has been able to achieve huge commercial success in the food industry.
Today Gourmet Pakistan provides the required range of food and quality of service for a unique and economical experience befitting the joy and celebrating togetherness.

Gourmet Businesses:

We have grown from just one confectionary shop to the largest retail network in Pakistan.

Gourmet Foods

Gourmet Foods is Pakistan's largest retail chain of food products with headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan. It has seven processing units across the country and over 100 stores in Lahore. The company was founded by Muhammad Nawaz Chattha in 1987. It has outlets in throughout Pakistan and has been providing quality products to its customers. Visit Wesbite

Gourmet Foods

G News Network (GNN)

A channel providing credible, authentic and reliable information about the latest news with responsibility. GNN keeps its audience informed/updated round the clock with its largest network of reporting team and disseminate the information in a diversified manner with the aid of its latest technology. Visit Website


Gicoh is a global software development company with about 12 years of experience. We provide full-cycle services in the areas of advanced web development, enterprise application, mobile apps, web portal, e-learning, e-commerce, social networking, digital marketing and consulting services to enterprises and SMEs. Visit Website

Gourmet Restaurants

Gourmet Restaurants

Gourmet Restaurant franchise is a subsidiary of Gourmet Bakery, the largest Bakery chain in Pakistan. Having the same ambition for their restaurants as their bakeries, Gourmet Restaurant offers quality food and dining environment at a very affordable price so people and families from all walks of life can come and embrace a great culinary experience. See more here

Rasool Nawaz Sugar Mill

Rasool Nawaz Sugar Mill primarily deals in the production of refined cane sugar and sugar by-products. The mill produces many different types of sugar comprising of pharmaceutical, beverage, and commercial grades sugar as well as soft brown sugar, caster and icing sugar, sugar cubes, sachets, and retail packs. Rasool Nawaz Sugar Mill is the leading brand of refined sugars as well as specialty sugars available in the Pakistan's retail market.

Rasool Nawaz Sugar Mill
Bon vivant

Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant is a premium cuisine offered by Gourmet in all outlets of Gourmet Bakery, it offers premium drinks, breakfast collection and special cakes of different flavors and taste and customized cakes. See more here

Bon Vivant Palais

Bon Vivaint Palais offers Continental, Pakistani and Chinese cuisines under one roof. In fact, there are two different restaurants, the Pakistani Rivayat and the Chinese Cafe Bon Vivant. The restaurant has a unique theme, soothing ambiance and decor that makes the dining experience at Bon Vivant Palais a pleasant one. See more here

Bon vivant Palais

Awards & Recognitions

Gourmet Pakistan has been named as the Brand of the year for the past three consecutive years by the World Branding Forum


Largest Retail Network in Pakistan

Gourmet that was nothing but a small shop two and a half decades ago has transformed into a phenomenon today.
An orange entity spread all across the city of Lahore, it is a household name and every home's store next door.With over 100 outlets within the city and a few opening up in adjoining cities, Gourmet definitely is one chain that binds people with strong links of taste, quality and credibility.

Largest Retail Network
Gourmet Sincerity


The purity of intention is the secret behgind all great manifestations.

Gourmet Integrity


Uprightness and honesty in every deal and matter is the ultimate success formula

Gourmet Faith

Strong Faith

Allah is the most Benevolent and He gives when one generously gives from the given.

What people are saying about us

We're always open to feedback from our customers because they have made Gourmet a brand worth being proud of.

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